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Practical Scientific Spirituality

          Spirituality is something about which many people discuss in different colours and belief systems. But very few know what this spirituality actually is. There are many myths about spirituality,and while listening to them, one certainly remembers the story of the elephant and the blind. People think that spirituality is religion, some think that spirituality is chanting, some think that it is attending to the discourses of some bearded Gurus wearing some safron dress of some pope's Gown or so on.

          Some people thing that spirituality is waste of time and only old retired people or people who do not have anything productive to do, follow spirituality. Such people also believe that spirituality is an excuse of the escapists who do not want to carry out their daily responsibilities. They also feel that only worthless irresponsible people 

          Some people take pride in following some branded spiritual leaders, and refuse to listen anything else about spirituality. Such people believe that they are GREAT because they follow a GREAT and BREANDED Spiritual GURU. Some believe in even wearing the badges with the name of their GURU..

          We talk of God, we talk of Aura, we talk of Karmas, we talk of chanting, we talk of enlightenment, we talk of Kundalini awakening, we talk of meditations, and we talk of many such things when we talk of spirituality, but very few know the actual relations between all these things. In this ine day workshop, we clear all these concepts about spirituality in the most scientific manner. This makes it easy for the confused common man to decide what exactly he must seek from spirituality and which path o0f spirituality he must follow considering his actual needs in his present life.

          Right now, Multiversity of Success conducts this workshop only in Mumbai, but very soon if people are interested, we can start conducting this workshop in various parts of India as well as various parts of the Globe! We certainly invite various trainers of alternate healing methods who wish to follow ABSOLUTE SCIENTIFIC as well as PRACTICAL attitude, to get in touch with us, and get ready to start practicing as trainers in various parts of India as well as various parts of the GLOBE!

          To start the PRACTICAL SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUALITY training in your city, whether you are organizer or trainer,you can communicate with us and start working on the mission of increasing the scientific awareness of masses, to let them stay away from spiritual cheating that is rapidly growing in the society, please contact us on 9820044254.