Shaktii products:

These products are made and marketed by the people who are being empowered by Shaktii Vigilence volunteers to stop begging or feeling helpless and start generating respectable self employment.

Here is a list of products made by people with the help of Shaktii Volunteers:


  1. Paper bags: Made out of old  news papers by the needy unskilled and supplied to shops to replace plastic bags.
  2. Pickles: Made under expert guidence of Shaktii experts and marketed by needy housewifes and jobless youth.
  3. Jewellery: New age fashion and healing related cost effective unique jewelary,. 
  4. Candles: For various occasions, as per requirements, made and supplied as per orders.
  5. Gift articles: Different gift articles made and supplied to corporate clients as per their requirement.
  6. Hand-Bags: Ladies cotton hand bags made by the needy ladies and marketed by shaktii volunteers.
  7. Sabzi-Roti: Daily warm afternoon lunch supplied to office executives on previously confirmed daily orders.
  8. Beauty Products: Scrub, Mask, Cream, Hair Oil, Deoderent sprey, herbal powder etc. (Energized with Divine Power).
  9. Greeting Cards: Made out of drawings made by special and under privilidged children to provide them educational help.
  10. Diya and Rakhi: Made by people who need respectable self employment, and marketed by our Shaktii volunteers.

These and many more things are made by people associated with us.

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