Personal courses:

REIKI Levels 1-2-3 = 

2 or 3 days [4 hours per level] 

@ mutually convenient date & time

Fees: 30,000/-INR (for all 3 levels together)

Call 9820044254 for details

Reiki 1-2-3

Reiki 1-2-3


personal/distance Training available. Mention yr choice


For Corporate & other Groups

Fees: Depends on group size & needs

Register with 200 $

Effective Communication

Effective Communication


Register your group & call for further quotation 9820044254 for details group here

Enlightenment Training

Training into Enlightenment in most easy & scientific manner by Enlightened Master

Course Duration: Approximately 1 year

Eligibility: Reiki 1-2-3-4 + Pure heart

Enlightenment Training

Enlightenment Training


Seeker must be ready to rigerous work on oneself during this training. Training is both in person & on skype

Stress Release

Residential Workshop

Learn to stay stressfree just in one sunday

Batch on every 3rd sunday in Mumbai

Register till 2nd saturday of every month.

Stress Release Workshop

Stress Release Workshop


Corporate groups seeking training during week days, may contact separately on 9820044254

  Aura Healing:

See Aura with normal eyes & heal it, to heal impossible ailments & problems.

Duration: 2 full days (on appointment)

Eligibility: Reiki 1-2-3 Fees: 30,000 INR 

Aura Healing

Aura Healing


Register here for video or personal training on setting time & date with Dr. Rekhaa Kale on 9820044254

Control your life

Every 2nd Saturday & Sunday 

{in Hindi & Marathi)

Fees: 5000 INR per person

Location: Mumbai, India

Life Ka Remote Control

Life Ka Remote Control


Register by 1st wednesday for the workshop. Pay the rest on attending the workshop.

Individual or small group personal & online trainings with pre-approved appointments

offered by Adv. Dr. Rekhaa Kale:

Personal Trainings: (Please call for fixing dates of class)

Vishitao 1-2-3-4 (A system of creating good events & healing with the help of  25 symbol system)     Fees: 60,000 INR
Kriya Reiki ( A 3 symbol & meditation exercise based system of healing others while healing self)       Fees: 15,000 INR 
Past Life regression (Remembering past life without hypnosis to handle present obstacles)       Fees: 30,000 INR
Aura Healing (Feeling, seeing and correcting aura with eyes to heal physical & mental problems)        Fees: 30,000 INR

1 day trainings: (Please call for fixing dates of class)

Reiki 1(Learning to heal by touch by receiving a Reiki 1 initiation that lasts for life) (Eligibility: good heart)            Fees: 5000 INR
Reiki 2 (Learning to heal from distance by receiving a Reiki 2 initiation that lasts for life) (Eligibility: Reiki 1)          Fees: 10,000 INR
Reiki 3 (Learning to diagnose & heal by receiving a Reiki 3 initiation that lasts for life) (Eligibility: Reiki 2)         Fees: 15,000 INR 
Reiki 4 (Learning more advanced healing and diagnosis methods, counselling & meditations) (Eligibility: Reiki 3)  Fees: 30,000 INR

In Person 5 day trainings: (Videocall Training provided in special cases on consideration)

(Please mention desired dates)

Reiki Teachers' Training (Learning to teach Reiki 1-2-3-4 + Self Publicity )         Fees: 3500$ (usd)
Reiki Grand Masters' Training (Learning to make reiki 1-2-3-4 teachers)        Fees: 4000$ (usd)
Reiki Great Grand Master Training(Learning to make Reiki Grand Masters)        Fees: 4500$ (usd)