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Colour therapy is a method of using colours for healing health, wealth, relationship, and career issues in life. In short, we can use colour therapy to handle practically everything in life.

Different people use colours differently.

If you search on the net, you will find various ways like use of coloured inks and putting coloured dots on hands or various body parts to get some results or eat foods of some colours to get some results or wear clothes of some colours to get some results or use and project colours on energy level or sit in the lights of some colours for some results etc. etc.

the basic thing we all must know is, any colour that is bright and light is treated as a healthy, positive and good colour while a dull and dark colour is treated as negative unhealthy and bad.

Yet if any colour is bright but is out of place, one must never take blindly that it is good. One has to make a proper analysis of his observation in such cases. Our aura also has some colours and these are the colours that have impact on our body and life.

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  • Introduction

1. Understanding colours

A. Definition of colour

B. Wavelength and intensity

C. Changing of colour

D. Colours seen around

E. Colours in thoughts and expressions

2. Functions of colours

A. Red and Orange

B. Yellow and Green

C. Blue and Indigo

D. Violet and Pink

E. Brown and Black


3. Impact of colours

A. Red and Orange

B. Yellow and Green

C. Blue and Indigo

D. Violet and Pink

E. Brown and Black


4. Colours in foods and thoughts

A. Knowing colours in things

B. Detecting hidden colours

C. Knowing thought colours

D. Knowing expression colours

E. Detecting hidden expression colours


5. Methods of establishing colour balance

A. Understanding life problems

B. Understanding related colours imbalance

C. Understanding colours and issues relation

D. Balancing colours to establish balance

E. Verifying results and working further

in WhatsApp training of Scientific Colour Therapy, you receive one lesson a day, study it and answer the questions asked on it.

At the end of the workshop, you are given A test where you are to practically heal 5 patients with colour therapy and send the reports of therihealing as given by them.

Once this is done, you receive a certificate of successful completion of the training with marks you have received as per the calculations of each days' answers sent by you.

This method of learning is time saving and helps a person to learn Colour therapy in the most scientific manner without entertaining any blind faiths or healing technique that is not scientifically proved and accepted by medical sciences. This means the colour therapy you learn here, does not contain anything that is not scientifically proven and you learn an absoloutely proven scientific out look of thought, analysis and treatment that is sure to give a perfect result..

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