There are many types of cards that people use to predict about future or to solve problems. Tarot cards, Angel cards, Oracle cards are some of the most popular among them. But none of these cards give a clear message in categorical words to seeker.

    Then whatever the reader says is taken as ultimate interpretation. This motivates different card readers interpret the same cards differently. Due to all this, seekers asking for readings get confused and then many start disbelieving them. 

     This is why these wisdom message cards are created as per the guidance and orders of Divine masters’ received during meditation.

It is observed that there are 9 main areas where people need guidance. 

     These are,

  • How to be
  • What to refrain from
  • Whom and how to love
  • What to avoid
  • Whom to respect
  • What and how to talk
  • Whom to thank
  • Whom to trust
  • What aspect of us we must work on


  • Which general rules should we follow

     So; in order to cover all these aspects of life and to give messages regarding each of these aspects, our deck of cards has 9 basic series with 15 messages in each of these series.

     These series are named as; Be, Don’t, Love, Never, Respect, Talk, Thank, Trust and Work on series. In addition to these, we have some messages that cannot be included in any such series, so, we have got one more additional series with additional set of messages that are needed to lead a good life. We call it as Divine Gems.

     The speciality of these cards is that they give messages about what aspect we need to change in our being to get power to handle the situation under consideration. When we follow that guidance, we get a way to reach the solution easily.

     These cards never tell future. They just tell us what line of action we must take in given situation. This is because we all are the actual creators of our own future.

     This is because, what we face may be decided by the destiny, but how we face it and what we gain out of it, is always and necessarily decided by us.

     So, simply trying to look for future is futile. But getting a guideline about how to handle the upcoming future is of immense help. So, finding out what to do or how to handle any event effectively is needed.

In this card deck, we also find cards that give tips to the reader. These are the special cards that are to be used by the readers to get necessary tips for reading.

     We all have already seen earlier that in the market there are many popular card types known to give predictions about future, but only this deck type has the cards that guide the reader.

     Also, other card types have different images. These images always need further interpretation by reader of these cards; that seeker trusts blindly.

     In such a situation, if the reader has a habit of scaring the seekers in order to extract some benefits, the seekers can easily get influenced. Also, if the reader has a negative mindset and has a habit to see only negative things out of everything, seekers can get pessimistic about their future after reading cards and have some negative thoughts in mind that may damage. This is commonly noticed in many who have such readings done & is certainly very dangerous.

     On the other hand, deck of Soul Urjaa wisdom messages has very simple messages. These are clear messages written in simple words. Even if no one interprets them further, still, most of the times, seeker himself can interpret the message more clearly. This means, positive or negative attitude of reader cannot influence the mind of the seeker when these cards are used. All these cards are organised in a peculiar manner.

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